Point of Care


 Immunochromatographic Test 

It is a non-invasive test that allows individuals with symptoms attributable to  Chronic Intestinal Inflammatory Diseases (IBD) to be identified in less than  20 minutes, which include ulcerative colitis,  Crohn's disease and so-called "colitis" indeterminate ". It also determines the level of calprotectin present in the stool with a rapid, accurate, and quantitative analysis.


 Rapid Test 

CTK Biotech offers rapid tests for various disease categories such as: blood borne, hepatitis, hormone/neonatal, tropical/parasitic, gastrointestinal, and respiratory. It  allows medical professionals to quickly and accurately diagnose disease and meet patient needs. The simplicity and portability of their test kits make them ideally suited for use in a wide range of settings including remote locations and large populations where complicated medical diagnostics are not readily available.


 CBC Point of Care

Hematology analyzers from Nihon Kohden with 19 parameters and WBC 3 part diff. These simple to operate analyzers are activated with the touch of a single button. The security of the amount of aspirated volume is provided with the assistance of the manometers which are not affected by any contamination or change in viscosity of the sample. With an Оperational speed up to 63 samples per hour, these analysers are specially designed to track the specimen with two chambers for mixing, two needles and dock washing needles, which decreases the possibility of contamination to a minimum. Quantities which are consumed for one measurement are extremely low, this makes the test price low. This series of analyzers are available in both Open and Closed mode.