Molecular Diagnostics

Image by Landon Arnold

ePlex system is able to integrate the entire process from order-to-report to better realize the patient and laboratory benefits of rapid, multiplex molecular diagnostics. The ePlex system offers a number of unique solutions that were thoughtfully engineered to address the biggest challenges facing the clinical laboratory and to support hospital systems in delivering patient centered, value-based care.


PathoFinder focuses on the development and commercialization of syndromic molecular diagnostics panels, with special emphasis on infectious diseases. They offer a wide range of CE-IVD Multiplex Real-Time PCR kits for detection of various infectious diseases with high sensitivity and specificity.


Zybio' Nucleic acid isolation systems are designed as a high-tech instrument to isolate and purify DNA/RNA from various type of samples. EXM6000 is a high-through instrument based on magnetic beads method for nucleic acid isolation and purification, which can be widely used in scientific research, clinical diagnosis, disease control and prevention and other fields.