Hematology & Immunohematology

 Patient Blood Management 

Rapid, whole blood diagnosis of coagulopathies to optimize patient blood management in major surgeries and traumatic bleeding. Viscoelastic testing, performed at the point of care, provides essential information in Operating Rooms during Cardiovascular, Trauma and Transplant surgery, Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms. Comprehensive assays allow differential diagnosis.


 Automated Blood Cell Counters 

The Celltac G MEK-9100 is a fully-automatic hematology analyzer offering simultaneous 33 parameters measurement and micro sampling capability, allowing up to 90 samples per hour through continuous loading of samples via rack fed system. Other features include integrated validation station with a 10.4-inch LCD color touch screen, reagent and controls barcode management, automatic self-check, priming and nozzle cleaning.


 Pre-Transfusion Medicine 

A portfolio of blood typing instruments and reagents for pretransfusion compatibility testing to help ensure patients receive safer and more timely transfusions.